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Cirkus Mlejn is a group of Czech artists focused on crossing the borders between classic and physical theatre. In our performances which take place between land and sky you can find elements of dance, contemporary circus, aerial and hand tohand acrobatics.
The company was founded in Prague by actresses and acrobats Eliška Brtnická and Jana Klimová and theatre producer Dagmar Roubalová during their work on the contemporary circus performance Make some tea!. Along with Vít Neznal (dramaturgist, CZE), Ilona Jäntti (acrobat and choreographer, FIN), Stéphanie N'Duhirahe (acrobat, CH), Yumi Hayashi (stage-designer, JPN) and other wellknown artists Cirkus Mlejn cooperated on several performances.
Apart from this Cirkus Mlejn organises classes and workshops of contemporary circus as well as Fun Fatale, a unique international festival of new circus, where only women present their shows. The dramaturgy is based on smaller performances, intimate productions and pleasant atmosphere.



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